Princess Series #4 – * Belle *

* Belle*

Bonjour à tous! Today’s featured Princess is Belle. I will admit to you all that Belle has and always be my top Princess. Rapunzel is a very, very close second. However, growing up I admired Belle. She was smart, she loved books, & she was beautiful. What else can you say about Belle other then she was so loving and caring. This Princess is one to remain in my heart and I’m sure yours alike!

Princess Facts:

1* Belle is the only person in her village who wears blue, which is meant to symbolize how different she is from everyone else. Source

2* Belle is the first Disney Princess to “save” her prince at the film’s climax by breaking the spell and returning the Beast to his human form. She is followed by Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel. Source

3* Belle is the first and only Disney Princess to not sing the film’s theme song, “Beauty and the Beast”. Instead, it is sung by the supporting character, Mrs. Potts. Source

Glamour Details:

Hair: Magika [Hair] Honest @ Magika

Outfit: t.O. Beautiful Princess Costume  MP LINK


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