Talent Show

Talent Show - Blowing The Biggest Bubble

I did a talent show today! First I had to find something to wear and I found it! Little Rainbows released this super cute outfit *LR* Yum Bubblegum! It comes with shoes, shirt, & shorts!  TD Baby & Kid sizes come with the outfit.

I climb on stage to do my act! My talent? Blowing the biggest bubble! So I chewed up the gum then I began to blow. I blew & blew until I started floating! It was awesome!! Then it popped and I landed right on my face. It’s okay I wasn’t hurt everyone & myself started laughing and clapping.

I thought I had it in the bag but then this super cute doggy jumped threw hoops and stole the show! Oh well maybe next time!

Glamour Details:

Hair: Magika [Hair +Bow] Beans @ Magika 

Outfit: *LR* Yum Bubblegum @ Little Rainbows

Little Rainbows


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