The Bigger the Closet the Harder the choice!



*Click Picture to See Bigger*

Sometimes a girl just can’t decide what to wear so why not show both!

Hey everyone! Today I have two adorable looks to show you. One of the stores I love is Ugly Duckling and I wanted to show off some of the newer items released lately.

In this look the top is by Ugly Duckling and is the Romance Top in the color white. This top is beautiful and can be found at the Fairytale Forever Event. This event runs until Sept. 1st. TD Baby & Kid sizes are provided and come in many colors. The bottoms are also by Ugly Duckling and are the Leather Leggings in the color Camel. Both Baby & Kid sizes are given and are in many color options. You can find them at La Boutique. La Boutique event ends on Aug. 26th so be sure to get there ASAP.

The shoes are by MODA and come with an amazing hud to make them just about any color. You can even change the metal studs color. These shoes really go well with any outfit that is in need of shoes.

I hope you got to see something you loved today and remember to always stay glamorous!

Glamour Details: 

Hair: Magika [Hair S][Ears+Bow] Meow @ Magika

Top: {ud} Romance Top [white] @ Fairytale Forever Event ends Sept. 1st

Bottom: {ud} Leather Leggings [camel] @ La Boutique ends Aug. 26th



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