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The Fairytale Forever Event has just started a new round! This event is always exciting to go look at because of all the amazing designers involved. Today I am showing you The Zoeh Outfit by Lil Cathy’s. This adorable look comes with shoes & undies! I went with Linden green but you can find two other colors at the event also for this outfit.

 I bet you noticed my winged cats! They are by +Half-Deer+ & you can find these at Kustom9 until Sept. 10th in the Winged Cat Gacha. These non moving decor cats come with a hud that has 6 colors so you can change the way your cat looks! You also get the option of having the eyes closed or keeping them open. There are 11 commons & no rares 75L per pull.

Glamour Details:

Magika Now @ Magika

Outfit: [C@]Zoeh Linden green @ Fairytale Forever Event OPENED TODAY! ends Nov. 1st

Winged Cats: +Half-Deer+ Winged Cat Gacha @ Kustom9 ends Sept. 10th


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