Besties Always Help to Get the Cookies *50L Friday*

We Found the Cookies!

*Click Picture to See Bigger*

My Mommy left the cookies out! Bestie & We knew this was our chance and we got them down and dug into them!

It’s Friday again! That means 50L Friday! Today I have two 50L Friday goodies to show you today. The first is from Buglets with Found the Cookies! pose. This adorable pose comes with the props and the holdable cookies are transfer so your bestie can wear them too. I just love this pose & so did Mommy!

The second 50L deal I have to show you is by Petite Bowtique and are the Bestie Tees. You get two shirts and they are transfer so you can hand one over to the bestie and show the world who your partner in crime is! TD Baby & Kid sizes are provided. Remember you only get the matching tops with this deal. They are so cute and everyone will know who your bestie is!

50L Fridays are my favorite day of the week. So many good things at such great prices.

Glamour Details:

Cookie Pose: ~*Buglets*~ Found the Cookies! Pose @ Buglets 50L Today!

Bestie Tees: {Petite Bowtique} Bestie Tees – Pink @ Petite Bowtique 50L Today! 


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