I See You – Trunk or Treat Sneak Peak for Little Llama

I See You

*Click Picture to See It Bigger*

Sh!!! Be quiet! I think someones watching us! I had this really strange dream about monsters in a wall and now I can’t sleep and help but think that maybe…..just maybe it is possible?! No way I’m silly….right?? Even if it is my Happy Corn will save me I’m sure of it!

Hi there glamour kid! Today I have a fun prank that you can pull on your friends or family! Little Lama has the Spooky Eyes prank for Trunk or Treat! This set comes with 5 sets of spooky eyes that you can tint to any color! I went with some colors that I think are really spooky. The eyes all come with a feature that if you click them you can make the glow fade off & on but if you rather you can just keep them on and not let them vanish away at all. I loved the fade and found it soooo creepy but fun. For the picture I left them on so I could show you all sets of the eyes.

Another more cute & less spooky item from Little Lama is my Happy Corn Pal I am holding to keep me safe! This adorable huggie has the nicest smile and fits in my arms just perfect. This is going to be a free gift at the Trunk or Treat event. Be sure to pick one up when you get there!

I think I am okay now. No more spooky thoughts! I think I’ll go ahead and get back to sleep! Thanks for keeping me company!

Glamour Details:

Little Lama Spooky Eyes Prank @ Trunk or Treat Open Oct. 24th  ends Nov. 7th

Little Lama Happy Corn Pal @ Trunk or Treat Open Oct. 24th ends Nov. 7th

While waiting for the event to open why not check out the mainstore!


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