No More Homework!

No More Homework

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I wish winter break would hurry up and get here these teachers are driving me crazy with all this homework. I am so glad my Dino Pack could handle carrying it all home. Let me take a break from all this studying and tell about some awesome new things I got.

Tic Tot Toe has these cute Dino Packs at The Gacha Garden.  In this gacha you can try your luck with 16 commons & 3 rares. The one that is my lucky pack is the RARE Bubbles pack. The seed of inspiration will be a special pack called the Player One Pack. This pack has a custom animation bumper sound & stars will explode too!  If you don’t know what Seed Of Inspiration prizes are it is when you play the gacha 20 times you will receive the SOI prize along with the gacha prize you just payed for. This event has many other gachas and it works the same for each one. Play 20 times and get the SOI prize for that gacha.

Hello Beautiful is open and waiting for you! Keep warm & cute! Buglets has this gorgeous scarf at this event. The Anika Scarf comes with a color hud so it can match any outfit you decide to wear it with. It is sure to add that extra style that will really bring any look together. Hello Beautiful is also 1 year old this round! To celebrate some of the stores have a gift for everyone. Buglets has these adorable Cupcake Nails with color hud. So don’t forget to pick it up while looking around at all the great things.

The Play Room is just around the corner so I wanted to give you a sneak peek of one of the things you can find there. The USB Desktop Robo Buddy is by Pamplemousse and will be in a gacha with 6 commons & 1 rare. The lucky one on my desk is the RARE.  Make sure you check them out when the event opens!

I guess I should get back to work and finish all this stuff. Until next time…stay glamorous!

Glamour Details: 

Scarf: ~*Buglets*~ TD Anika Scarf @ Hello Beautiful ends Nov. 25th

Nails: ~*Buglets*~ TD Cupcake Nails @ Hello Beautiful ends Nov. 25th

Backpack:TTT – Bubbles Dino Pack RARE @ The Gacha Garden ends Nov. 30th

Desktop:{RARE} Usb Desk Top Robo Buddy By Pamplemousse @ The Play Room opening soon! (landmark coming soon)


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