Shoe Heaven


Omgah! Shoes!

The Play Room opens tomorrow for a new round and it is shoe heaven!

First lets talk about Buglets. The Snowboot Gacha has 12 Common & 2 RARE boots. They come in both TD Baby & Kid sizes. Such pretty colors I am sure you will get some you love! The ones laying on the floor are the RARE Watermelon & the ones I am showing off are Night.

Next is Ugly Duckling. The Satin Boots Gacha has 24 commons & 2 RARE.  Included is Unrigged boots & TD Baby & Kid resizers. The ones on the floor are {ud} Satin Boots [sand] & the ones on my feet are {ud} Satin Boots [rose] ! So be sure to check out this gacha!

Vicarious Youth is also in this round with some awesome boots! The Rebekah Boots have 11 Common & 3 RARE. This gacha is in both TD Baby & Kid sizes along with a resize scripted gacha too! The ones one the floor & also on my feet are the {V*Y}  Rebekah Boots – Spring RARE

Last is Gimmick. The Shoe Gacha has 8 common & 1 Rare. Included is TD Baby size & Unrigged size so it can fit many feet! Be sure not to miss out on this gacha! The ones on the floor & the ones on my feet are the Gimmick* – Shoe 08 – Unrigged

Now that you know what shoes to go and get let us talk about this adorable bag! The ~*Buglets*~ Luna Purse [Rainbow] is the free anniversary gift by Buglets. Be sure to click all the gift bags at this event so you wont miss out on any!

The outfit I have on is also at The Play Room this round! The Monkey Pox Uptown Girl Gacha has 8 Commons & 3 RARES. This gacha has 3 different outfits to play and all the accessories to get them complete! This gacha is both in TD Baby & Kid sizes.  Here is what I have on from the gacha:

{MP} Uptown Girl HairBow

{MP} Uptown Girl Glasses

{MP} Uptown Girl Cardigan B

{MP} Uptown Girl Sundress B

{MP} Uptown Girl Pearl Necklace

{MP} Uptown Girl Pearl Bracelet

I hope you get to have yourself a fun shopping spree and spoil yourself! I promise you deserve it!

FULL PERM The Play Room Logo - cropped_white bkgd



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