Teen Dream

Teen Dream Bedroom

MuddPuddles has lots of beautiful releases. This time around the idea was to have furniture that fits children & teens. The first room I have to show you today I think is so pretty and perfect for any little or big dreamer.

First let’s talk about the bed. The MuddPuddles: Fairytale Dreams Bed is gorgeous! Just like the name says it is definitively something from a fairytale. The bed includes poses for Children & Teens. In each options there is plenty of animations to have fun with. Also in each option is a parents & kid animations. So not only is this bed beyond pretty but it is fun to actually use also. The bed includes a texture color changer within the animation engine so when you sit you will see the option to change the textures.

Next let’s talk about the bedside tables. The MuddPuddles: Painted Bedside Table I is perfect for any room. The tables have an amazing texture changer menu. You can change the frame, knobs, & each drawers separately. That is why it works with any room!

Another couple items by MuddPuddles is the MuddPuddles: Messy Striped Rug I & MuddPuddles: Double Floor Pillows I. In my room I have them on the floor in front of the bed. I feel it adds a really nice touch to any room. The Floor Pillows have a texture changer menu that will help match any room you add them in.

To help out the shorter crowd (me) MuddPuddles has the MuddPuddles: Weatherd Step Stool. It helps out all us shorties to get into our warm & cozy beds.

Above the bed I have the MuddPuddles: Dream Sign along with the MuddPuddles: Draped Curtains I. Each have texture changer menus and look great! These will add in those extra touches all rooms need.

Those extra touches to rooms really bring them together and that is why I have the MuddPuddles: Painted Wall Shelf I &  MuddPuddles: Wood Floor Mirror I included into my space. The shelf is simple and yet beautifully designed as is the mirror. Each of these include a texture change menu.

The last item from MuddPuddles to really tie it all together is the MuddPuddles: Painted Dresser I. This is like the side tables in that it has all the same texture change options.


Overall I found all these wonderful new releases by MuddPuddles to be perfect. The quality, options, & details really make any room look amazing. I highly recommend check out this store.

*****See below all the items used in this room*****

Glamour Room Details:

*Left to Right*

MuddPuddles: Weatherd Step Stool@ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Painted Bedside Table I@ MuddPuddles

-tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Bag RARE @ Tres Blah in the -tres blah- Jolie gacha

AF Dolly Lamp @Apple Fall Gacha: Mayfair

MuddPuddles: Draped Curtains I@ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Dream Sign@ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Fairytale Dreams@ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Messy Striped Rug I@ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Double Floor Pillows I @ MuddPuddles

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Charmed Books @ Tres Blah in the Eclectic Gacha

MuddPuddles: Painted Bedside Table I @ MuddPuddles

AF Dolly Lamp @Apple Fall Gacha: Mayfair

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Hot Lips Phone (Pink) @ Tres Blah in the Eclectic Gacha

-tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Tower @ Tres Blah in the Jolie Gacha

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Pamper @ Tres Blah in the Eclectic Gacha

MuddPuddles: Painted Wall Shelf I @ MuddPuddles

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Roses @ Tres Blah in the Eclectic Gacha

MuddPuddles: Wood Floor Mirror I @ MuddPuddles

MuddPuddles: Painted Dresser I @ MuddPuddles

-David Heather-Jewelry Box Was in a previous gacha LM coming soon

-tres blah- Jolie – Perfume Collection RARE @ Tres Blah in the Jolie Gacha



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