Disco All Night

Disco Baby

Today we had a party & it was a blast!

Collabor88 is open and has an amazing round! This time its all about holographic! I fell in love right when I found out the theme. What kid doesn’t love bright, fun things.

Let’s talk decor first. Soy has a Holographic Set. This set has 2 types of bears & 2 types of fans. I am using both bears in my party this time. I loved the look and found them to be a real talking piece. 88L at the event.

PILOT is also in this round with the Double Disco balls. Every party deserves to have a disco ball and now you can have TWO! Be sure to check it out.

 +Half-Deer+ has something to add to any party you want to throw. The Fairylight Balloons come in 5 options. Included is single & grouped balloons. The ones you are seeing are the Hologram Balloons grouped version. 188L per option / 488L for Fatpack.

You gotta have seats for guest to sit. They can’t dance the whole time. They need time to relax and drink that funny tasting punch. So too keep up with this cool theme I am using Second Spaces Holo Chair in Holographic. They fit the theme and give people a chance to chill. These chairs are animated & come with 4 colors. 88L at the event.

Now your all set up for the party of the year ( and its only Jan. so good on you!) It’s time to get dressed! The Star Wings in my hair are by *katatonik*. These include a HUD with 8 color options and are 188L at the event.

My shades add that extra something to my outfit and fit the theme perfectly. Intrigue Co. has the Jewel Be in My Heart Shades this round. They come in 4 options for 88L or a Fatpack for 288L. I am wearing the Holo & Blue version.

Lastly from Collabor88 and what I really went there for in the first place is my shoes!

RazzBerry Inc.+Turducken have come together to give us the Platform Mary Janes. They come in sizes for adults & for us Toddleedoos! Each size comes in 2 options. Each option comes with 2 versions. 188L each or 288L for the Fatpack in which ever size you choose. I honestly love these so much and am going to have such a hard time take them off. Mommy is gonna have to chase me to get them off!

Now let’s talk about his amazing outfit! Newly released by Little Nerds is the Kitten Cult Outfit. You get the Top & Bottoms with this outfit and it comes with TD Baby & Kid sizes. Be sure to check out this look it is adorable.

Glamour Details:

Soy. Holo WIre Bear (typeB) @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

Soy. Holo WIre Bear (typeA) @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

PILOT – Double Disco @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons – Hologram – Group @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

Second Spaces – Holo Chair – holographic @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

*katat0nik* Star Wings @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

Intrigue Co. – Jewel Be in My Heart Shades: Holo & Blue @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

RazzBerry Inc.+Turducken. Platform Mary Janes (H-Faded) TD @Collabor88 ends Feb. 6th

[Little Nerds] Kitten Cult Outfit – TD @ Little Nerds or Get it on MP

Doe: Mota (Two-Tone) – Pastels @Doe


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