New Look for the New Year!

Hi glamour kids! As you can see a lot of changes have been made to this blog site.  I know sometimes changes can be a bit overwhelming so I’d like to talk thru and tell you how to use this new & improved site.

Posts are still easy to see & the same info will be provided like it was in the past. To view an individual post just click its title. If you are in an individual post just click the Girl Cave Glamour title and you will be back to viewing all posts & all you have to do is scroll down to see more.

Each post has a Title followed by a picture of what the blog is about. After the picture you will find the info I have provided to you. Last you will see tags & categories. If you happen to be on a post and wonder what else this store might provide all you have to do is look for the tag of the store name and click it. Now that you have clicked the proper tag the site will refresh and you will only see posts with that tag included. This can help you get an idea of what a store is like before choosing to visit inworld. To get back to viewing all posts just click the Girl Cave Glamour title.


You will notice a side bar menu has been added! This menu provides important information for you! Let me talk you thru each menu option.

About Girl Cave Glamour – This is for the new comers or for those that would like my contact information. Viewing this will tell you all about the site and what it is for along with my inworld name. To view this information just click on Info On This Site.

Events To Check Out – I have provided you links to current kid events! This will make it much easier to locate the event you are wanting to go to. Although the links are always provided be sure to read when it opens & when it ends. The events are only accessible during the open times. I do try my best to keep these LM’s updated, yet sometimes places move so if you have any issues with the locations just contact me inworld and I will help to find the spot you need!

Facebook – Direct link to like the GCG page. If the site ever goes down you will be notified thru this. This will also give you the opportunity to comment or like a post without having to sign up for WordPress!

Flickr – Direct link to the GCG Flickr feed. See better quality images here & follow us! We love to follow everyone back and see what you are up to as well.

Sponsors – Here are some stores that put out amazing designs and have chosen me to show them off! I encourage you to visit them and see all the items they offer inworld. LM’s should always be updated but again sometimes places move and I don’t get to it fast enough for speedy fingers. Inworld I am always happy to help find the location for you.

Blogroll – Here are more wonderful bloggers of the SL world. Check them out and see if they are someone you’d be interested in following too!  If you happen to be a blogger and are interested in being added to this menu please contact me inworld and we can add each other to our blogs! I’m always happy to help spread word of other bloggers because we are all in this together.  If you want to do posts together I’d love that also!

RSS – Subscribe to my posts! Click it to get the link you need!


That’s about it for the side bar. Lots of info is located there and I hope explaining them in detail lets you get more comfortable with it. So now let us talk about the bottom of the site. If you scroll all the way down you will see more menus.

Feeds – Here you are going to find sites that offer many, many, many bloggers posts. These are not just for children of sl! Many bloggers are on these sites (including adults male & female) and blog for different stores than I. They may not all be PG friendly so you need to keep that in mind when choosing to look at them.

Second Youth – Here you will find only children of Second Life posts.

Meta is not something you will use more than likely.  Here you again can find my RSS links to add them to any feed you’d like.


I am so happy with this site for this coming year! I hope you enjoy the new layout & get the most out of it. Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting my blog. It means the world to me!





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