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Tea Time


Oh hi! We decided to have a tea Valentine party today! Have a seat we can chit chat about new things!

The Play Room is still going strong and Tic Tot Toe is apart of this round. This time TTT has the Toto Hats gacha. In this gacha you will have the chance of winning one of the 7 Commons or 3 RARES. The one I am showing you today is the Pink Toto Hat RARE.

Also at the event is my outfit. Buglets has the Grace Gacha this round and it is filled with the cutest outfit and accessories ever! My Glasses, Dress, Tights, Jewelry, Balloon, Puppy, & Purse are all from this adorable gacha. Try your luck to get the pieces you want!

After the event head on over to MuddPuddles to grab some shoes like mine! The Lace Huggs come with an AMAZING hud! You really can change this shoe up to match just about any outfit! The hud lets you change each part of the shoe so you can really get it the way you want it.

Now enough talk lets eat!

Glamour Details:

Hair: Magika Shimmer @ Magika


In the ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Gacha Gacha @ The Play Room

Dress:~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Dress (Baby) RARE

Purse: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Purse

Puppy:~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Puppy

Glasses: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Glasses

Tights: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Tights HUD

Balloon: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Balloon

Necklace: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Necklace

Bracelet: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Bracelet

Ring: ~*Buglets*~ TD Grace Ring

Tic Tot Toe

In the Toto Hats Gacha @ The Play Room

 Hat: TTT – Pink Toto Hat RARE


MuddPuddles: Lace Huggs @ MuddPuddles


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