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Oh Hoppy Day


The Play Room is opening soon (March 5th)!  So many cute things are going to be there waiting on you.

My outfit is by Buglets and can be found in the  Flopsy Gacha. This gacha has three outfits that make up the 9 Commons & the headband is the only RARE. I am wearing the full rose outfit. Try your luck to get all the outfit pieces you want! TD Baby & Kid sizes are available.

My adorable seats are by Soda Pop Shop and can be found in the Irenic Seats Gacha.  I am laying on one of the 5 RARE & the other is one of the 6 Commons. The seats come with fun animations and look so pretty in any garden.

Lastly at this event is my Bunny Basket by Little Llama. This is a free group gift! Included is 3 different colored baskets. The one I have to show you today is the White version. Be sure to grab this free item!

This event makes me so hoppy!

Glamour Details:

All at The Play Room Opens March 5th

Outfit By Buglets

~*Buglets*~ TD Flopsy Headband RARE

~*Buglets*~ TD Flopsy Dress [Rose] (Baby)

~*Buglets*~ TD Flopsy Shorts [Rose] (Baby)

~*Buglets*~ TD Flopsy Sandals [Rose] (Baby)

Seats by Soda Pop Shop

:.Irenic Seat.: {6} RARE

:.Irenic Seat.: {5}

Bunny Basket by Little Llama

Little Llama – Bunny Basket – White

FULL PERM The Play Room Logo - cropped_white bkgd



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