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Little Ballerina


When I grow up I want to be a beautiful ballerina. However I need to learn the correct and accurate steps in becoming one. MuddPuddles has released the  Little Ballerina Ballet Barre. This Ballet Barre is not only stunning to look at but includes MANY animations! From stretches to dances this Barre would be perfect in any dancing class / studio for true ballet steps. Not only will it be great for dance schools but also for any little ballerinas room too. The slide show below shows FEW of the MANY animations this item has to offer.

What is a ballerina without her Leotard & Skirt!  MuddPuddles also has you covered on this too!  The Ballerina Leotard & Skirt comes in a BratPack with an included color changing hud. It is perfect to for you to wear while practicing all those steps within the Barre.

Finally and very important to any ballerina are the Ballet Slippers. These are the final touch you will need to get started on your career path to becoming the best ballerina. They too come in a BratPack with a color chaning hud so you can match your outfit perfectly.

Once you have finished practicing ballet pick up the Ballet Tote Bag by Minuet at The Family Closet. This tote has a hold animation so you can carry it everywhere you go and it is full of all the things you will need. Included is an Adult size & Child size bag!


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Close up of outfit by MuddPuddles


Glamour Details:

Hair: .Olive. the Glitter Hair – Color Fades @ The Arcade ends March 31st

Outfit: MuddPuddles: Ballerina Leotard & Skirt BratPack @ MuddPuddles 

Shoes: MuddPuddles: Ballet Slippers BratPack @ MuddPuddles

Barre: MuddPuddles: Little Ballerina – Ballet Barre @ MuddPuddles

Picture: -tres blah- Salad Days – Framed Ballerinas @ The Arcade ends March 31st

Unicorns on Wall: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Fauxidermy Duo @ The Arcade ends March 31st

Bag on Barre: Minuet – Ballet Tote Bag – Adult Sized @ The Family Closet ends March 31st





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