My Own Tutu


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I finally got my tutu after so much hard work! Just like Tallulah in her book Tallulah’s Tutu  I could not wait to finally get one!

The Brick Lane Gacha is opening soon March 20th and Tallulah’s book was the inspiration for this round. Here you can steal my look by {BabyBurp}. The Ballet Show Gacha has 2 RARE & 12 Commons. Try your luck to get the full outfit you want! Today I am showing you all the pieces in Hope. There is a total of 4 colored outfits in this gacha.

My little dancers with me to celebrate my achievement are by Paper Damsels. The  My Dolly Ballerina gacha has 2 RARE & 12 Common. Try your luck for a Hold or Hug Dolly in the color you want! The RARES come with a hud to change the little dolly dress.  Also if you rather match your little doll just play the {Blush.} Ballerina Gacha also at this event!

Now that my time to shine is over I think I’ll go get some rest…or maybe I will do some more shopping who knows!

Glamour Details:

All Items @ The Brick Lane Gacha Opens March 20th


{BB} Ballet – Tutu hope [ADD] Resizeable

{BB} Ballet Show Leotard – hope [BOXED]

{BB} Ballet sockshoes – hope [BOXED] RARE


Hug: Paper Damsels MY Dolly Ballerina Hugs mint

Hold Hand: Paper Damsels MY Dolly Ballerina holds hands Blue Purple

The Brick Lane Logo

Check Out The Mainstores!

{BabyBurp}  Paper Damsels




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