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Fresh Room For Spring


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Tous Les Enfant Event is open!  Lil Cathy’s is participating in this round and has the Petite Pastel Gacha. This gacha is full of beautiful furniture to fill your room and make it perfect for the spring time. The Chairs, Sofas, & Beds are full of fun animations that I know you will enjoy. This machine has 10 Common & 4 RARE. Try your luck for the pieces of furniture you want. The event ends on April 15th!

Glamour Room Details:

All Items are in the Petite Pastel gacha by Lil Cathy’s @ TOUS LES ENFANT EVENT [C@]Petite Pastel (bed pink) RARE

[C@]Petite Pastel (rug)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Deco boxes)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Converted hanger)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Chair Grey)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Chair Purple)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Chair blue)

[C@]Petite Pastel (Chair pink)

[C@]Petite Pastel (suit case Table)

[C@]Petite Pastel (sofa floral) RARE

[C@]Petite Pastel (Fairylights)


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