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The Fairytale Forever Event is about to end! So here are some last minuet things you should pick up!

Here you can find my very cute bedroom set. This is Amelia’s Bedroom Set in Pale Pink by AppleBerry. Each piece of this set is sold separately so you can just pick up the pieces you want! Each piece in my room today is in the Pale Pink version. While at the event don’t forget to pick up the free gift by AppleBerry and that is going to be the Wood Maze!  This piece is perfect for your toy area.


Now let’s talk about this very pretty dress at the event. The Olivia dress comes in 6 colors and includes TD Baby & Kid sizes. This is original mesh by WildFlowers & textured by Tigelton. My headband is the FREE gift at the event and is also original mesh by WildFlowers & textured by Tigelton. It is modifiable. Hurry and pick these items up before the event disappears on the 31st.


Glamour Room Details:

Bedroom Set: .ab – Amelia’s Bedroom Set -Pale Pink @ Fairytale Forever Event ends March 31st

Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Fauxidermy Duo @ The Arcade ends March 31st

Bulletin Board: [Cosmic Dust] – Bulletin Board RARE

Books: [Cosmic Dust] – Sketchbooks

Computer: .tree {computer}

Glamour Look Details:

Headband: Flower Headband Gift @ Fairytale Forever Event 

Dress: The Olivia Dress by WildFlowers @ Fairytale Forever Event

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