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Mommy & Me Makeover


I found my Mommy’s make up and gave me a pretty look but Mommy said oh no! She tried to blend it out but there was no bugging that caked on make up!


Since she decided to give up I decided she needed to get just as pretty as me and gave her a makeover too!

Finally I finished my own look and I got to say I might be the next big beauty guru on YouTube!

The Playroom & Hello Beautiful are both open and waiting for you!

My poses are by Snap Happy Poses and can be found in the Stuff With Mom Gacha. There is 8 Commons & 4 RARE in this machine and each one is just as fun as the next. Try your luck for the one you want. This gacha is at The Play Room.

My pretty dress is by A Dash of Dulce. This original mesh dress is for TD Baby only and can be found in the Miranda Dresses Gacha. There is 10 Commons & 2 RARE. I hope you get the pretty look you want. This gacha is at The Play Room.

Next up is my pretty make up faces. These can be found at Hello Beautiful by Buttercup in the Teeny Faces Gacha. This gacha is full of fun tattoo layers from sunburns to even pimples! All are common with no RARE. So I am sure you will get the one you want!

Glamour Details:

Shape: Shape: {.Honey.} ~ Shiloh Shape ~ COMING SOON TO Ninety-Nine @ LM Coming Soon!


Hair: Hair: Magika – Checkpoint @ Magika

Poses: .snaphappy. Stuff with Mom Gacha @ The Play Room ends May 31st

.snaphappy. Stuff with Mom – All Pretties

.snaphappy. Stuff with Mom – Mommy Hold Still!

.snaphappy. Stuff with Mom – Helloo… RARE

Dress: -DD- Miranda Vintage Floral (Baby) RARE @ The Play Room ends May 31st

Make Up Face: {Buttercup} Teeny Face Gacha @ Hello Beautiful ends May 31st

{Buttercup} Teeny Face – Extreme Contour Blush

{Buttercup} Teeny Face – Extreme Highlight

{Buttercup} Teeny Face – Extreme Makeup

TPR - May 2016


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