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Welcome to My (Play) House

MuddPuddles has a few new releases for you!  First up the Playhouse Cabin. This cabin is the perfect size for any lil TD to have lots of entertainment. The pretty look and design will add a bit of fun to your land and with only 5 impact!  This is a mesh item and resizing it will result in higher impact so please keep that in mind.

Now you have your very own playhouse what to put in it?!  MuddPuddles has you covered! Two new play tables have been released. The first of the two I am going to talk about is Noah’s Play Table. This fun set comes with four different animal chair each loaded with wonderful animations. Plenty of sits & also activities such as legos or blocks. The table itself has a boat on the ocean wave look! The animations are adjustable too so you can get the right fit to them. Snapshot_036


Next up is the Crayon Table. The Crayon Table comes in two different styles & I will be showing you the Pastel Version instead of the Primary Version. I just adore this table and the pastel feel of it. Just like the previous this set comes with four chairs but this time they are in shapes of crayons. Loaded again with plenty of animations from sits to activities for the energetic youngsters. This time I went with reading while my friend went with the more tech route.  What child does not like the classic look of childhood in crayons? This table set will be a hit at any household or even daycare.  Daycare’s or schools for the always learning toddlers will love these sets. From the raise my hand animation to all the activities to keep them quite while learning. I am sure they will get lots of use for any organization.

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Now that you have your play space all ready to go you’ll want a friend to come over to play too.  When my friend showed up we had on matching outfits! So it was definitely picture time for us!

The pose we decided on is by Tiny Gems and can be found in the Bestest Buddies Gacha at The Play Room. This machine has 6 Commons & 1 RARE. Try your luck for the one you want.

Our outfits are also at The Play Room this round and are by Doodlez. You can try to get all the pieces to the colored outfit you want in the Starshine Gacha. This machine has 18 Commons & 1 RARE. The RARE is going to be the jewelry set! I hope you get the pieces you want.

Finally at The Play Room is the cloud decor you see in my play house. They are by Sassafras and are in the Cloud Lights Gacha. Just click on the cloud to turn the light on! This machine has 8 Commons & 1 RARE.


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Glamour Details:

Playhouse: MuddPuddles: Playhouse Cabin  @ MuddPuddles

Not an inworld shopper? Get it on MP

Animal Table: MuddPuddles: Noah’s Play Table @ MuddPuddles

Get it on MP!

Pastel Crayon Table: MuddPuddles: Pastel Crayon Table @ MuddPuddles

Get it on MP!

Primary Crayon Table: MuddPuddles: Primary Crayon Table @ MuddPuddles

Get it on MP!

Cloud Decor on Wall: Sassafras Cloud Lights Wall Decor @ The Play Room ends May 31st

Pose: Tiny Gems Bestest Buddies #5  @ The Play Room ends May 31st

Outfits: Doodlez Starshine in Rose & Violet @ The Play Room ends May 31st

Hair on me: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Anzu hair-Blond set @ Ayashi

Get it on MP!

Hair on friend: Magika – 01 – Itch @ Magika

Get it on MP!


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