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Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Petite Bowtique has some cute releases for the Ninety-Nine event. First up the Eileen Birthday Outfit. This adorable look is perfect for any little ones special day. Included is Top, Shorts, & Headband. The top comes with a hud that includes a texture change for ages 1 – 8! TD Baby & Kid sizes are included.Snapshot_00700

The next look is the Eileen Outfit. This look is very similar to the last however this one is not birthday themed. The Eileen outfit comes with top, shorts, shoes, & necklace! TD Baby & Kids have three color options to pick from.

Whichever look you grab you will look great either way.

Glamour Details

Picture One:

Outfit: {PB} Eileen Birthday Outfit @ Ninety-Nine ends May 29th

Picture Two:

Outfit: {PB} Eileen Outfit @ Ninety-Nine ends May 29th



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