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I can show you the world! Just hop on my magic carpet and we can take a trip anywhere! Snoggs is in this round Storybook Fables. Here you will find the Magic Carpet in many different colors. Just hop on and type start then fly away!


Maybe fly all the way to MuddPuddles. This is where i go my outfit from! The Sally Romper comes in different styles and is made to fit TD Baby only. It is the perfect outfit to wear while play outside so you can keep cool.

Also by this shop is my shoes! The River Sandals come with TD Baby & Kid Sizes and a nice texture hud! Be sure to join the MuddPuddles group so you can use the group textures in the hud too. I love these sandals and they are easy to match up to any outfit.

Glamour Details:

Shape: Shape: Honey – Poppy Shape @ Ninety-Nine

Carpet: Snoggs Magic Carpet @ Storybook Fables

Outfit: MuddPuddles: Sally Romper {B} – Petals @ MuddPuddles

Shoes: MuddPuddles: River Sandals – Girls {BratPack}  @ MuddPuddles


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