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Playing Dolls

Hello Glamour Girl! Today I wanted to talk about a new event coming soon! Dreamful is the name of this event and just as the name suggests it will be focused on dreamy, cute, & lovely type items for both Adults & Children. The ones out there that long to be surrounded by beautiful items must check out this event when it opens on July 2nd. Fall into a gorgeous dream as you shop this wonderful round.

Blush will be participating in the grand opening round and they have brought us many items to complete a dressed up dreamy look. The Flora Collection includes Dresses, Shoes, & Headband each sold separately.  Blush is always original mesh & textures so you are sure not to see these around at other locations.

The Flora Dresses come in a wide variety of colors and even some exclusive styles. I am sure you will find the color of your dreams in the collection. TD Baby size is only included however they do accept TD Kid size requests via notecard to the creators.

The Flora Shoes come in matching colors to the dresses. They fit perfectly and go amazing with the dresses.

The Flora Headband really completes this gorgeous look. It comes in one single color of Cream. Since the headband is in this color it will match every dress in the collection! No guess work needed on it.

Be sure to stop by on July 2nd for the first round of Dreamful. You will not be disappointed by the amazing desginers. See the desginer lineup below!

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Dreamful - Designers July 2016.png

Glamour Details:

Dress, Shoes, & Headband: Blush -Flora Collection- each sold separately @ Dreamful OPENS JULY 2nd

Hair: *barberyumyum*69 (blond) @ YumYum

Dreamful Event Logo.png


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