Royal Tent

MuddPuddles has a new release for us! The Royal Tent is GORGEOUS! This beautiful tent is a perfect hidaway to daydream in or take a little nap on the super soft pillows. It has animations for both! The poses are adjustable too! If you click on the very top of the tent you will get a color texture change menu. See below for the other color options. Another wonderful feature of this item is that you also receive an Xeolife compatible tent. So if you happen to use that RP hud then you will get lots of use out of this item!

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Royal Tent Collage

Glamour Room Details:

Tent: MuddPuddles: Royal Tent @ MuddPuddles

Cubby: ::Rigby:: playroom toy cubby – RARE @Rigby for Ankle Biters *Gacha Item*

Panda Picture: ::Rigby:: playroom watercolor animals art @Rigby for Ankle Biters *Gacha Item*

Beads: *ionic* Colorines (curtain) @ Ionic *Gacha Item*

Ferbly: [BOX] Bubblegum Ferbly Pet @ Box for Ankle Biters *Gacha Item*

Blocks: ROOST – Let’s Play Building Blocks @ Roost *Gacha Item*


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