FOREIGN & Gimmick  is in this rounds Ninety-Nine! Here they have a few items that are a must add to your inventory. First up is the {G.F} Shortalls. This cute look comes in five different jean shades with stars all over them. The shirt also comes with a hud that includes five different styles! You really must check these out at the event. You can find them in the Gimmick spot.

Also at the Gimmick spot is the {F.G} Tank Tops. These tanks come in seven different styles! You can see them in the last two picture below!

At the F O R E I G N spot you will find these adorable crop tops! There is eight different styles and I just know you are going to find a few just for you!

Each item is highly made and fits perfectly! Check it out today at the event!


Glamour Details:

Shortalls: {G.F} Shortalls [Light] @ Ninety-Nine ends July 29th

Crop Tops: [F] Crop Top [Kitten] & [F] Crop Top [Unicorn] @ Ninety-Nine ends July 29th

Tanks: {F.G} Tank Top [Powder Pink] & {F.G} Tank Top [Powder Blue] @ Ninety-Nine ends July 29th


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