My Little Lemonade Spot

Hi there! Man is it hot out there! This summer time heat has got everyone burning up and that means it is time to open up my Lemonade Spot!


Buglets has released the Lemonade Party Gacha for the Ankle Biters event! This gacha has everything you need to set up your own stand! There is 1 RARE & 17 Common. I love how this set comes with pink and regular lemonade along with all the sweets too! There is plenty of places to sit since there is a bench & chairs in this gacha. I loved both the fences and that there is crate to stand on so people can see you behind the stand. You must give this gacha a go as you will have tons of fun playing with it! I hope you get the pieces you want!

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My outfit is also new to my inventory and it is by Little Rainbows. The Little Royalty Outfit comes with Dress, Socks, Shoes, Tiara, & Heart Necklace! This look is perfect for any little princess out there. Plus who wouldn’t want to buy some lemonade from a lemonade stand ran by little royalty!  Be sure to stop by the mainstore to pick up this outfit for yourself!

Glamour Details:

Outfit: *LR* Little Royalty @ Little Rainbows

Lemonade Gacha Items: Buglets Lemonade Party Gacha @ Buglets for Ankle Biters


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