Family Pool

Lil Cathy’s is in this rounds Ninety-Nine and brought us the Siarah Family Pool. This pool is full of things to do! There is a lounge area, pool with water fall area, snack bar area, & lay out on towels area.  The pool has two floats, The lounge has four chairs, The bar has three stools, & The lay out has three towels!  I just know you will have tons of fun in this!

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Also by Lil Cathy’s is the Nappy Shark Napmat. It comes with blue and pink inside sharks. You will be dreaming about the ocean for sure in this napmat! You can pick up your own at the Once Upon A Child event!


Also I wanted to show you these pretty cool tubes by Snaphappy. They are in this round Ankle Biters and have the Totally Tubin’ Gacha for us. This gacha has 10 common (dotty & squiggles in many colors), 4 RARE (different rainbows), & 3 Ultra RARE (animal tubes!). I hope you get the one you want!


Lastly I wanted to tell you about these cute goggles you can find at Hello Beautiful by Buglets. They come in a wide variety of colors & fit perfectly! Each color comes with diamond or plain goggles!


Glamour Details:

Pool: Siarah Family Pool @ Ninety-Nine 

Shark Napmat: Nappy Shark Napmat @ Once Upon A Child

Tube Floats: Totally Tubin’ Gacha @ Snaphappy for Ankle Biters

Goggles: Lil Diva Swim Goggles @ Hello Beautiful




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