Sleeping Beauty

The very first BeBe Bundle has been released! This July round is AMAZING and here are some things that was in it!


First is this stunning bed. The Bebe’s Beauty Rest bed is by Bad Seed. It includes animations and is wonderfully made. Any little sleeping beauty will absolutely love resting in this gorgeous bed.


Next I just have to show you this fun Birdy Blanky! This item is by RazzBerry Inc. and it includes a texture change birdy along with the blanky. There is a sleep animation and how adorable is it that the little birdy is helping you. Truly you will feel like a princess with your feathery friend.


Lastly, I wanted to show you one of the many amazing outfits in this bundle. The Naru Dress & Bunny is such a pretty girly look by WildFlowers. WF included a texture change HUD for both the Dress & Bunny Dress! So you get tons of options and your bunny will always match you. How awesome that they included the texture HUDs!

Overall this BeBe Bundle from even what little I have showed you in this post is well worth the expense. You get far more than what you pay for and let’s not forget everyone loves a surprise. It’s a little gift you can get for yourself every month! If you didn’t check it out this time be sure to not miss the next round! Keep up with when the BeBe Bundle is open for enrollment via the Facebook Page! You honestly will not be disappointed.

If you missed your chance to get this months bundle don’t worry! You can purchase it next month as long as you become a group member! However past bundles are only purchasable in the following month and once it is over that bundle is discontinued. So keep that in mind!

Glamour Details:

BeBe Bundle Group enrollment opens on the 1st and closes on the 14th! The bundle is sent on the 15th! Visit the Information Center to join before the 14th of every month. Don’t forget to also check out the website!

Bed: {Bad Seed} Bebe’s Beauty Rest Bed

Birdy Blanket: RazzBerry Inc. Birdy Blanky (Bebe Bundle-July 2016)

Outfit w/ Included Bunny: {WF} Naru Dress Bebe Bundle


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