Tous Les Enfants is ongoing now! Sugar & Spice is in the round and has a couple things for us. First is the cute look. The Bonjour Outfit comes with shorts, top, two pink bows, and sneakers! This is such a nice look that comes in three different colors.


Sugar & Spice also has the Paris Pillow. This pillow is full of animations and is even xeolife compatible. So if you use that RP hud you are going to love this item! Check it out at the event!


I am also giving you a sneak peek of what is coming to Dreamful for the August round. This item is very pretty but is for mommy and daddy. It has animations for sits & cuddles and if you add your pillow to it like I have done then you too can sit next to them!

Glamour Details:

Outfit: { S&S } Bonjour DAISY @ Tous Les Enfants

Pillow: { S&S } Paris Pillow @ Tous Les Enfants

Pergola: Warm – Pergola @ Dreamful OPENS AUG. 2nd LM to come! 


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