Dream Bigger

Hi there Glamour Girl! Today we are dreaming big with items by Little Stars & some things you can find at Dreamful.

In the background you can see my Dream Bigger Than Life Tapestry by Little Stars. You can find it and many other designs in the Tapestry Gacha at The Play Room. There is a total of 9 Common & 2 RARE. They all are able to be resized too! This gacha is totally worth checking out!

Also by Little Stars is what both my sister & I are wearing upon our heads! I am wearing the Queen Roses Crown in Pink & Silver. While my sister is wearing the Queen Crown in White & Silver. They are so very pretty and perfect for all the little royals out there! Be sure to check them out at Ninety-Ninea

Time to steal my style! My outfit is by WildFlowers and is the Johanna Dress. This dress comes in TD Baby & Kid Sizes. There is plenty of colors to choose from and I just know your going to fall in love with one of them! There is also adult sizes in a matching dress right next to these! The mesh is by WildFlowers but the textures are by Turducken. Be sure to check out both the adult & child sizes at the Dreamful Event.

My eyes are also at this event. The Ugly Duckling Milky Way Eyes are so pretty and dreamy! There is three different options for these cute eyes and each option has a HUD with five different colors. You don’t want to miss out on these!


Revoul is also at Dreamful with the Wire Necklace Gacha. This gacha has 5 Common, 5 RARE, & 3 ULTRA RARE. I hope you get the one you want.


Here is how to get my sisters look! Beusy is at Dreamful and has the Opal hair. This hair has options for fun buns or you can wear it like my sister is without the buns. Such a pretty hair!

Her dress is by Evani who is also at the event. The Samanta Dress comes in six different color options and is mesh body friendly. The back of the dress have a very pretty heart cut out.

I am also loving the choker she has on by LOTUS. The Open Diamond Choker can be found at the event in six different options.


Last are the shoes! Phedora is at Dreamful with the Elvin Heels. These shoes are AMAZING & mesh feet friendly. The 30 color hud on these shoes make customizing them so easy and really fun. Be sure to give them a look at the event!

Glamour Details:


Eyes: Ugly Duckling Milky Way Eyes @ Dreamful

Crown: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Queen Roses Crown – Pink (Silver)  @ Ninety-Nine

Necklace: Revoul – Wired Necklace Gacha ‘Elegant’ @ Dreamful

Dress: {WF&T} Johanna Dress TD B Pink @ Dreamful


Crown: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Queen Crown – White (Silver) @ Ninety-Nine

Hair:  Beusy: Opal Hair w/o Bun (Specials) @ Dreamful

Choker: LOTUS. Open Diamond Choker – Noir @ Dreamful

Dress: #EVANI-Samanta dress Maitreya @ Dreamful

Shoes: PHEDORA / Elvin heels / 30 C. / Unpack (unpacked) @ Dreamful


Tapestry: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Tapestry – Dream Bigger @ The Play Room


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