Brick Lane Goodies

I have so much to show you from The Brick Lane new round! Let’s get right into it!

BoWillow has the Back To School Thermos Gacha for this round. This gacha has 9 Rezz & 9 Attach thermos mugs. Both versions come with the ability to click and pick out food from a blue menu pop up. Once you select the food you want you will then receive a cup that you can attach and sip. There is no RARE in this machine.

Stray Kitties has the Back To School Bear Bags Gacha. This gacha has five Common and 2 RARE. Each bag has a cute design on it and it also has a hold animation.

Bubblegums has the Back To School Glasses Gacha. This gacha has 8 Common & 1 RARE which is the Fatpack of them all. The glasses do resize with a click.

Bashful is also in the round and has the Skool Daze Balckboards Gacha. This gacha has 7 Common & 2 RARE. Each has a different design on the boards.

Dat Mine! has the Pog Mess Gacha. This gacha has 7 Common & 2 RARE. They are a decor item and this definitely took me back to my childhood!

LeeLee’s Littles has the Ready For Anything Backpacks Gacha. This gacha has 8 Common & 2 RARE. Each bag is different and has a unique look.


Connor’s Corner has the Alphabet Blocks Bracelet Gacha. This gacha has 12 Common & 1 RARE. Each has a different style and is perfect for accessorizing for school days.

{Kitten Kisses} has the School Dresses + Shoes Gacha. Try your luck for both a dress and pair of shoes to get a matching look. This gacha has 6 Common & 2 RARE which are the Fatpacks for the Dress or Shoes.


Baby Burp has the Funny Post It’s Gacha at the event. This gacha has 20 common & no RARE. Try your luck for the post it you want!

Glamour Details:

All Items are found @ The Brick Lane Gacha unless otherwise specified!

Hair: Magika – Checkpoint @ Magika

Glasses: .:Bubblegums:. B2S Markers 3

Dress: School Dress Red – (B)

Bracelet: CC Alphabet Block Bracelet – Nerd

Post It: {BB} Sticky note – heart [ADD]

Shoes: MuddPuddles: Patent Dress Shoes @ MuddPuddles

Backpack: !LLL! color my world bag

Schoolbag: Sk’s back to school beary bag 2v Rare

Thermos: :BoWillow: Thermos (attach) – Trouble Maker GREEN

Chalk Board: {B} SkoolDaze Bloom BlackBoard RARE


 Dat Mine! – Pog Mess – Galaxy – Common

Dat Mine! – Pog Mess – Fly With Me – Common


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