Pumpkin Cutie

Pumpkins are showing up everywhere now that fall is right around the corner. You can get some pumpkins for yourself at The Play Room. Lil Cathy’s has the Pumpkin Patch Crazies Gacha this round. This machine has 10 Common,1 RARE, & 1 ULTRA RARE. Try your luck for the cute pumpkins you want!

Also at this event is my adorable phone. The Autumn My Phones gacha is by  Snap Happy Poses. This gacha has 8 Common & 3 RARE. This is sure to show everyone your love of the fall season.

Lastly at this event is my shoes! The Jo Boots Gacha is by That’s So Kyoot and has 6 Common & 2 RARE. Play the correct size to fit your feet and try your luck for the pair you want!

Now let’s talk about this fun look I’ve got on. Petite Bowtique has released some cute new pieces in shop and I just adore them. My top is the Masie Ruffle Crop Top and it includes six different colors! My bottoms are the Thea Leggings and it comes in a three different color pack! Be sure to check this out in shop!



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