New Bedroom

MuddPuddles has new items for you and your bedroom. Lets get right into it!


The Victorian Bed is a beautiful item to have. I loved the look and there is a texture change menu with just a click for both the bed & frame. Filled with animations for yourself, with a friend, or even with a parent you won’t get bored of this bed any time soon. The Wall Lamps are included with the bed!

Next to the bed is the new Victorian Nightstand. Having a nightstand next to your bed is always a must and this new one looks great next to the bed.  There is four different metal textures for you to play with just give it a click.

The Victorian Lamp which is sitting right on top of the nightstand is also a pretty piece to add into your room. You can get it to match the other items perfectly by giving it a click and playing around with the texture change options. There is options for both the shade & the metal pieces on the lamp. snapshot_040

Now lets talk about the new Victorian Armoire Set. This set comes with two options that you are seeing in the picture. One is a closed up unit and the other is a shelving unit. I loved having both in my room and as you can see I filled up all the shelves with cute and adorable knick knacks. You have the ability to change the metal colors with just a click on both units.

There is also a new Victorian Rug! The rug also has a color changing menu so you can get it to match perfectly in any room you put it in.


Now we are going to talk about every glamour girls must have! The Victorian Vanity is just gorgeous. There is animations with included props that ask if you’d like to attach them. You can play with some make up, paint your nails, or even have your own personal vogue session as you model in the mirror.  There is not only texture change options for the metals on the item but there is also beautiful textures for the mirrors as well!

Finally next to the vanity is the Victorian Mirror. This taller mirror has the same texture change options as the others and also a metal color change just give it a click to bring up the menu as is the same for all the other pieces of furniture I’ve shown you up to this point. This mirror also has poses including model and even a pose stand animation. This makes this item not only fun to look at but also useful in your virtual life for when you need to change your look. The vanity also has this pose!

Overall I found the new items just lovely and as is with all the other items by this shop it is very high quality.  I love the texture change options and how fun the animations really are for us kids. If you are in the market for new bedroom pieces I highly recommend checking this store out.

Glamour Room Details:


*Not an inworld shopper? Get it on MP!*

MuddPuddles: Victorian Nightstand

MuddPuddles: Kitty Slippers

MuddPuddles: Victorian Bed

MuddPuddles: Victorian Lamp

MuddPuddles: Antique Armoire

MuddPuddles: Antique Shelves

MuddPuddles: Victorian Vanity

MuddPuddles: Antique Mirror

MuddPuddles: Victorian Mirror

MuddPuddles: Victorian Rug

Tres Blah

-tres blah- Golden Cage – Peonies (Silver) @ The Arcade

-tres blah- Salad Days – Framed Ballerinas

-tres blah- Salad Days – Silver Alarm Clock

-tres blah- Jolie – Perfume Collection RARE

-tres blah- Jolie – Golden Hand

-tb- Small Vase of Roses – Pink

-tres blah- Salad Days – Ruffled Clutch

-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Charmed Books

-tres blah- Salad Days – Striped Planner

-tres blah- Jolie – Lotions

-tres blah- Pampered – Mag and Berries

-tres blah- Golden Cage – In the Morning @ The Arcade


=Zenith=Vintage Leather Trunk (Rez) – RARE

=Zenith=vintage cello case (all colors)(rez) @ Collabor88

Fancy Decor

Fancy Decor: Stacked Boxes


PILOT – Ruffle Ottoman Decor [white]

The Loft

The Loft – Alda Kids Shades Ivory


Garbaggio // Travel Bag (Decor)


{anc} VintageRosePillow 2Li


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