Head in the Clouds

MuddPuddles has a new crib out for us! The Angelic Dreams Crib is a stunning item to have in your room.  This very pretty crib has little bows on it that really makes it delicate. This item as is most all other MuddPuddles items has a texture change menu that will pop up with a click. This allows you to get that style you need to complete your room. Filled with animations you wont tire of this crib anytime soon.


I also wanted to show you some items by Sweet ❤ Designs. The Snuggle Set Gacha can be found at The Brick Lane event. This machine has stuffys to hold & rez and also has sleep masks. My cute dino & bunny friend can be found in the gacha. Be sure to check it out at the event.

Glamour Room Details:


*Not an inworld shopper? Get it on MP!*

MuddPuddles: Chevron Cloud Art

MuddPuddles: Angelic Dreams Crib

MuddPuddles: Arie Rocking Chair

MuddPuddles: Chevron Shelves (no doors)


+Half-Deer+ Simple Cloud – Bright White – Heart


PILOT – Texture Change Runner Rug

Fancy Decor:

Fancy Decor: Crystal Sconce

Ethereal @ The Crossroads

.ETHEREAL. Nursery Organizer – Boy Silver&Gold

Sweet ❤ Designs @ The Brick Lane

S<3 Dino Buddy (Gray) Rez

S<3 Bunny Friend (Blue) Add


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