Beary Sweet

Today’s adorable look is coming from Wishes & Tiny Trinkets. Let’s get a little crazy and start with the bottom then up.


Tiny Trinkets has the Chloe socks & leggings at the mainstore. The adorable leggings are a HUD and has cute little hearts scatter on them. You get three different colored leggings to pick from Orange, Brown, & Black. The socks can be worn with or without the leggings and they too are very high quality. This item screams fall is here and is sure to keep you warm and snug. TD Baby & Kid sizes are included.

The super cute dress is by Wishes and is the Beary Sweet Dress. This item is at Once Upon A Child for today (last day of the event is today) then it will be moved to the wishes mainstore. So if you missed it at the event  you can pick it up in shop soon. This dress comes in two different styles dress with pastel tops & dress with fall tops. In each style the dress comes with a hud that has three different color options White & Browns. There is a light brown and a deeper brown in the hud. TD Baby & Kid sizes are included.


Going right back to Tiny Trinkets for the Hello Beautiful event I have the Creep Binky & Creepy Cute Nails to show you. This spooky item comes with three options. You can wear the binky alone in your mouth, the binky in your mouth with the attached clip, or you can wear the attached clip with the binky hanging on it. You also get a texture change hud for the binky that includes four different designs. This is such a cute item to have in your inventory.


The Creepy Cute Nails comes with a texture hud also that includes four different designs. They are spooky yet still adorable!




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