Playing In Fall

Another new look for you today! First up is this adorable outfit by Petite Bowtique. The Brie Outfit comes in four different color options. Each style includes boots, scarf, tights, & dress. I just loved this look so much. It looks so cute on and you must check it out at the Ninety-Nine event!

Next Up is more goodies by Cute Bytes. This time I am showing you the COCO Baby Mesh Head. This head comes with a Teen Head and two different Baby Head versions. You also get three voice gestures and a hud FULL of options.


The first options is to apply the included skin & eyes. This will apply to both the head & the body just give them both a click.

Next is the option to alpha out your scalp & eyes. This will allow you to wear unrigged hair much easier & the eyes allow you to wear your already favorite mesh eyes.

Then is tattoo layer options. Have a tattoo applied you don’t really like? Just click TAKE OFF and poof it is gone!

Next are all the teeth options for the heads. I loved all the missing teeth ones for the baby head version which I have on!

Last is the adorable smiley face button. Give it a click and a blue menu will appear on your screen. This menu has options for emotions/mouth animations & eye animations. From winking while smiling to pouting for that toy your mommy won’t buy you got it all in this menu.


I also wanted to show you this super cute head with the subscriber gift Delicious Skin. This free skin comes with a hud & system layers in four different tones. I know so many are going to get use out of this. The skin applies to both the Cute Bytes Mesh Heads & the Cute Bytes Body.  Just add the hud and click the one you want. I have on Tone B on the top. If you want this gift and other future ones just join the subscribe-o-matic at the shop!


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