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New Bedroom- Lincoln

MuddPuddles has released new items for you to revamp your room with! I am going to be showing you this room in three different ways.


The first style includes the new MuddPuddles Lincoln Bunks. There are so many out there with twins or siblings that enjoy sharing a room and this bunk is sure to let you save some space while still having an adorable bed set. The bunks include Single, Parent, & Friend animations. There is also props included too. I can see so many getting use out of this bed.

Also new to MuddPuddles is the Lincoln Toybox. You can see it to the right of the bunks in the picture above. This box is sure to keep your toys safe and sound! The lid opens and closes with a click and it has animations for up to two people. You can color or even play with cars! You are going to love the animations with this toybox.

Another new item is the Lincoln Bench. It is to the left of the bunks in the above picture. This comfy striped bench has animations for you to relax from all that fun playing you had with the toybox.

On the bench is the next new item. My Lil’ Pillow in the Ruffles style is new to the shop and not only is it adorable with the ruffles & floral print but it too includes animations!  Lot’s of families have beautiful furniture in their homes but sometimes although adorable it isn’t family friendly. This pillow is a game changer! Just plop it onto that non family friendly furniture piece and now you have a place to sit too! This pillow includes not only animations for yourself but also for two children or a child & parent. That means two people can use this pillow at once and there is props included in some of the animations as well. Honestly if you do not have anything like this yet it is a must need! This item includes a texture changer!


Before I talk about the next style room I wanted to show you the new Lincoln Dresser. This dresser matches all the Lincoln MuddPuddles furniture set. It is simple yet a must have piece for your room!


Style two for this room is a single bed option this time! Not everyone has a sibling or wants a bunk bed and that’s okay! You can still get a single bed in this new collection of items MuddPuddles has released. The Lincoln Toddler Bed comes with all the same goodies that you would expect from this shop. It includes animations for yourself, friends, & parent. Props are included with some animations as well.  Take a closer look of the single bed below:


Onto the last style of this awesome bedroom:


This time around I have put items in for a younger child. Instead of a bed I have the new  Lincoln Crib out. This new item comes with plenty of animations that include some props. There are sits for yourself & parent.


You will dream sweetly in this crib as you watch the new Air Balloons Crib Mobile from above. This item not only plays 6 songs but it also rotates to let the little one fall asleep calmly. You will love having this item for bed time.


Lastly I wanted to show you one of the new playpens MuddPuddles has come out with. For this room I included the Greyson Playpen. This pen includes animations for yourself and for parent with some props included in some poses. You also have the option of changing the textures with this item! So you can really have fun putting it into your room.

Take a look at the mainstore or hop on over to the marketplace to look at these new items!

Glamour Room Details:


MuddPuddles: My Lil’ Pillow – Ruffles

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Bench

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Bunks

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Toybox

MuddPuddles: Crayon Table Primary

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Dresser

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Toddler Bed

MuddPuddles: Greyson Playpen

MuddPuddles: Brighten Playpen

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Crib

MuddPuddles: Air Balloons Crib Mobile


<:*BoOgErS*:> Paper Diamond Curtain 3

<:*BoOgErS*:> Stuff on Shelves for Walls

<:*BoOgErS*:> Buddy Bear *Retired Gacha*

Snips & Snails

.S&S. Retro Pedal Car – Fire Truck RARE *Gacha*


Alouette – Rocketship Bookshelf (#5) *Gacha*


Currently at Gacha Garden

3. [P] Pillows, NT: Toys *Gacha*


[G.G] City Streets Rug (V1)


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