Autumn Alice

Soda Pop Shop is in this rounds Ninety-Nine event with the Autumn Cutie Outfit. This look come with Crown, Dress, Leggings HUD, Boots, & Hair Bows. You get all you need for a total fall look! Be sure to check out this cute look at the event!


Next I want to talk about my new head. This is the new bento head by Toddleedoo called Alice. This head is available for purchase at the shop however you need to keep in mind we are all discovering this new fun system and there will be updates as we get to know more about bento.

Bento allows users to have more free will with shape editing. So by all means have fun and play around with your head using the sliders in edit appearance mode. This means a more unique look while using bento mesh heads. Another thing to keep in mind is you will need a bento viewer to see the head and to be able to use it properly.

The notecard included with the head has this info listed for help with getting a bento viewer:

Download the official bento viewer here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/
Or you can try the Firestorm bento viewer joining their testers group here: secondlife:///app/group/7ba4569c-9dd9-fed2-aaa7-36065d18a13c/about

The head comes with a shape to start you off with and that is what I am wearing in the picture. So the shape that comes with the head is very nice! However, some shapes are already being sold on MP for this bento head so if you are uncomfortable with discovering your own shape by using the sliders or you arn’t too fond of the shape it comes with then just do a quick search for bento shapes. One shop I recommend is Khaleesi. Be sure to set Sort By to Newest First to see the shapes on top.


This head also comes with two huds currently. You get the familiar hud with Skin, Alpha, Tattoo, & Teeth options but the animations come in its own hud with the bento head. The Animations HUD was included in the most recent update of this head and it is so much fun to play around with!  Just click the expression you are after and select the one you want. I encourage you to play around with the animations and to get excited for all the future updates this head will have.

Remember this is still being tested out and updates are sure to come as we all get more into the bento system. If you do purchase this head then I highly recommend you join the Beta Group: secondlife:///app/group/3e128cb9-f364-ede3-249b-5d7d1ac2e92b/about

This is so you can give suggestions or if you have any concerns you can ask the other users wearing the head too!


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