Up & Away

MuddPuddles has new items for your closet! I fell in love with these new pieces and am so excited to show you.


First is the new Parka. This very beautiful look comes in a wide variety of colors and includes a hud. The hud changes the texture of the bottom skirt and the buttons. I fell in love this warm and pretty look.

Also new is the adorable Ruffled Knee Socks. These socks also come in a huge selection of colors in three different packs. There is the Pastels, Earth, & Colors packs.

The shoes that fit the socks is another new item. The Patent Shoes come in different colors and the socks fit perfectly inside them. So be sure to check them out too while picking up the socks.

I just love this outfit so much and I know you will also. It is a wonderful style to have in your closet as the weather turns cooler and crisp.

You can also get it on MP! Be sure to set the Sort By option to Newest First to see them on top!

Lastly, I wanted to show you these animated umbrellas by In The Moment Poses & Gypsy Heart.  The Windy Umbrellas Gacha is at Color Me Cute and this machine has 8 Commons & 1 RARE.  All the commons include the hold animation while the RARE includes the hold & float animations. The RARE also includes a color hud of all the common colors & an exclusive rainbow color. Be sure to check out the gacha at the event!  Also Gypsy Heart has a pose pack at the event called Windy Umbrella. This comes with five different poses and an unscripted umbrella prop! So once you are finished with the gacha check out the pose pack too.


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