BeBe Bundle Jan. 2017

BeBe Bundle Items for January 2017


Lazy Unicorn was in this months bundle with the Panda Sweater. It came with multiple colors for TD Baby size.

Mello was in the bundle and provided the Buggie Hair. This hair is resize and adjustable with many color huds.

*The leggings are by Buglets and are the Cherish Leggings. You can find them at Color Me Cute in different color packs. The packs come with solid & a heart pattern .*

Bellybean is in this months bundle with two different poses. The first is a set of five different static poses. The pose above is part of that pack you will see the other four static poses found in the following pictures below. The other pose given was the Sleepy Family. Here is the photo ad for it:



Enchantique had the Kid Crown in the bundle this round. It came with four different colors. It is adjustable for you to set it just right upon your head.

Tiptoes was in the bundle and provided the Bunched Cowl Scarf. It included Baby, Kid, & Unrigged sizes. It also came with a texture hud.

Ruffles had the Juniper Dress for this months bundle. It came with many colors including pastel to bolds for TD Baby. The back of the dress features a pretty bow:


Here is another color for the Juniper Dress:



Gypsy Heart was in this months bundle with the Bina Dress. This dress came with plenty of color options for TD Baby.

Here is another color for the same dress:


That is it for the clothing in this months bundle. Reminder that each picture included a Bellybean pose from the static poses set that was in the bundle as well!


NACH was in the bundle this month with the Cottage Bed. This bed included poses for single child, parent/child, 2 parent/child, & bff. The poses are adjustable so you can get it just right.

Bad Seed was also in the bundle this month. The shop provided us with the Bebe Greeter. The baby is holding a sign for you add your own image too. This is a fun and unique item to have in the bundle.

Love Bugs was also included in the bundle this month. This store gave us the Bebe Bundle Babbles #5 Gestures Pack. The pack included eight different gestures. Bows over bros, Do cupcakes count as a vegetable?, Glitter is my signature color, I have my sassy pants on, I know I know I’m adorable, I’m the reason why we can’t have nice things, Ok but first…cookies!, & This kid runs on cupcakes and glitter.

If you missed your chance to get this months bundle don’t worry! You can purchase it next month as long as you become a group member! However past bundles are only purchasable in the following month and once it is over that bundle is discontinued. So keep that in mind! Also within the first 48hrs the group will stay open now for a higher price so you can still get in but not at the original price!

BeBe Bundle Group enrollment opens on the 1st and closes on the 14th! The bundle is sent on the 15th! Visit the Information Center to join before the 14th of every month. Don’t forget to also check out the website!




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