I Can Reach!


Gypsy Heart is in this rounds SaNaRae. Here you will find the Kendall Armchair from the shop. This armchair comes in different colors & versions. There are Pastels & Jewel tones for the color options. The different versions for this chair is Adult, Pg, & Family.  This chair is original mesh and has many animations in each version of the product.  I have the Family version pictured. snapshot_041

My adorable outfit is from Plum and is the Gavi Dress in the floral pink version. You can find this look at Lost & Found this round in many different versions.  The shoes are also located there too! The shoes also come in many color options and the socks are included as well!

Also Pictured

My Hair: by Blues. called  Bettie @ Blues

Head: by ToddleeDoo called Alice (Bento) @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link

Body: by ToddleeDoo called ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link


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