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Nice & Warm


Lots to talk about today! Let us get right into it! Ninety-Nine is opening soon *On the 9th* and here you can find a couple of things I have on.

First up is this beautiful & warm Pom Pom Sweater. This is by Turnips and comes in plenty of color options. It is very well made & I just adore the little poms all over it. I know you will have to have one also once you see it at the event. So don’t forget to check it out there once it opens!

I paired that pretty sweater with the Tiny Trinkets Puffy Boots Slippers which can also be found at the event. These cozy and cute slippers also have little poms hanging on them. How perfect they go with the top too! These boots come in a wide range of color options also and I really enjoy how one boot is folded over while the other isn’t! You will want to have these to go with your sweater so don’t leave the event without checking these boots out!

The fun jeans I have on is by Lazo and are the Gwyn Jeans. You can find them at the mainstore! These nice & fun jeans have a belt wrapped around them and come with so many color options within the HUD. Since you get so many options you’ll never be taking them off! Head on over to see them and the other wonderful items this shop has too!

Lastly, I wanted to show off these Fancy Kitty Earrings by Tiny Trinkets. These fancy little things are at ATP Events and how pretty is that design? Any cat lover will NEED this! It comes with a color hud changer & they do resize for super easy fit. Don’t miss out on them.

Glamour Details:

Hair: by Blues. called Micha @ Blues

Earrings: by Tiny Trinkets called Fancy Kitty Earrings @ ATP

Top: by Turnips. called Pom Pom Sweater  @ Coming Soon to Ninety-Nine *Opens Feb. 9th*

Jeans: by ~Lazo called Gwyn Jeans @ Lazo

Shoes: by Tiny Trinkets called Puffy Boots Slippers @ Coming Soon to Ninety-Nine *Opens Feb. 9th*

Head: by ToddleeDoo called Alice (Bento) @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link

Body: by ToddleeDoo called ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link

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