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Dreaming in Pink



It has been a while since I have done a bedroom post and I was so excited to put this together! MuddPuddles has some new items for us and I just love them all so much.


First is the Primrose Dreamer Bed. This stunning bed comes with the bed & canopy. You also receive a texture change HUD that works for both the bed & canopy to change the wood color. You have the options of white or earth painted wood.  Whichever texture you decide to go with it, it is still going to look beautiful.

As with all MuddPuddle products this bed is FULL of animations! You have the options of Just Me, With Friends, and With Parent.  You can do anything from talking on the phone to having a pillow fight or just dance around. There is also plenty of sleeps and other fun animations too. Check out the slide show below to see few of the many animations included.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The animations above are just a few from many in the Just Me option on the Menu.


Next up is the Dreamer Nightstand. This new item is simply perfect. There is two different versions available: Earth & Lights. The two versions also come in two different types. Type A of the Earth & Lights Nightstands come with a texture HUD that changes the bottom portion of the stand. Type B of the Nightstands come with a texture HUD that changes the top portion of the nightstands. I am using the Dreamer Nightstand in Type B in the Lights version. It was a perfect stand for my lamp & alarm clock. I just know you will get so many uses out of it in whichever version & type you decide on.

Now I’d like to talk about another new decor piece the Little Dress Stand. This adorable item comes in two different versions. You get to decided between Lights & Earth. Also no matter what one you pick, they both come with a texture HUD to change up the look of the dress on the stand. I really do appreciate that little changeable touch MuddPuddles gave us. Any little girl will love to have this in their room.

Also in the image above is the last new item from MuddPuddles. The Antique Painted Dresser comes in two different versions. You have the choice between White & Earth. I really enjoy the Earth texture so I went with that one for my new room. This dresser also comes with a texture change HUD to change the color of the drawers and framing around the mirror. You can really get it to fit nicely in whatever room you want to put it in.

Overall, I do really love these new pieces from MuddPuddles. I have always enjoyed this brands quality and dedication to giving us a wonderful experience when interacting with its items.  Be sure to check out this shop inworld or if you’d rather on Marketplace.

Glamour Room Details:


*NEW* MuddPuddles: Primrose Dreamer Bed & Canopy MP Link

*NEW* MuddPuddles: Dreamer Nightstand B – Lights MP Link

*NEW* MuddPuddles: Little Dress Stand – Earth MP Link

*NEW* MuddPuddles: Antique Painted Dresser – Earth MP Link

MuddPuddles: Vintage Lamp 

MuddPuddles: Ruffled Rug – Cream


+Half-Deer+ Dreary Bears – Love

+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains – Pink

+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Keeper of Trinkets RARE *Gacha*

+Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn – Blush

+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Wave Hello (rez) *Gacha*

+Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Hair Accessories (White) *Gacha*

+Half-Deer+ Forest’s Tale – Sweet Butterfly *Gacha*


{anc} garden. whitebook 4Li *Gacha*

{anc} garden. rose 6Li. RARE *Gacha*

{anc} happy end park. color little chick (bleach) *Gacha* *Modified* 


tarte. vintage print

tarte. portable vanity RARE *Gacha*


=Zenith=Spring Rose Crown (Rose) A

=Zenith=Rose crown *Gacha*

-Tres Blah-

-tres blah- Salad Days – Gold Alarm Clock *Gacha*


Decor frame *Gacha*


Banner (with bows) 5Li (Not currently available inworld or on Marketplace)


ROOST – Lake Side ‘Standard’ house


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