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New Toys!


Lots to talk about today! Let’s get right into it! Boogers is in this rounds Bloom with the Toys Gacha. This gacha has ten commons & no RARE. The ring stackers can be put together or a mess with just a click! Mr. & Mrs. handheld Ducks follow you around with a sound or non sound version. The pop walker toys are definitely my favorite with the pop sound while you walk around it is so fun! There is bright & pastel versions of the pop walkers & ring stackers! Be sure to check out this gacha at the Bloom Event.

Buglets is in this rounds Color Me Cute with the Lanie Dress. This pretty look comes in many versions and I am sure there will be one you like best! The print on the dress is so nice and is perfect for this spring time season.


Also at Color Me Cute is Tiny Trinkets with the Angel Sneakers. The sneakers come with a color hud to change up the look and so you can match them with anything! The little adorable bows are such a nice touch! I really enjoyed them.

Glamour Details:

Outfit: ~*Buglets*~ Lanie Dress @ Color Me Cute

Socks: ~*Buglets*~ Bunny Socks @ Buglets * Part of Eggz Hunt*

Shoes: {T.T}Angel Sneakers @ Color Me Cute

Toys: Boogers – Bloom Toys Gacha @ Bloom

Head: by ToddleeDoo called Alice (Bento) @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link

Body: by ToddleeDoo called ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl @ ToddleeDoo or MP Link


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