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Sleep Like Royalty


MuddPuddles has some new items out for any little royalty. If you like high quality furniture with awesome animations then you will really enjoy this!


The MuddPuddles Royal Crib is a new item for the shop. This beautiful crib has such lovely details anyone will appreciate. The frame is stunning and the three pretty pillows make it to where any small child will sleep sweetly.

The Royal Crib also comes with a texture change HUD. You just add the HUD, give the crib a little click, and then select the color you want from the HUD to be applied to the bed.  There is of course gorgeous soft color options but that’s not all! You have deeper colors to pick from too! Pink all the way to a deep black you cant go wrong with this many options.

The crib is full of animations too! You get sleeps, activities, and even some with parents! I have always enjoyed MuddPuddles animations in their items and I am sure you will also. If you happen to be in the market for a new furniture piece then I highly recommend checking them out!



The last new item from the shop is the MuddPuddles Royal Armoire. I don’t think I have ever seen a more perfect pair than the Royal Crib & Royal Armoire. Just like the crib above you get a texture change HUD too with this item. Just do the same steps to pick out the shade that speaks to you! The word royal fits all too well with this piece when you notice all the amazing details on it.

MuddPuddles did a great job on these two items. The textures are wonderful and you get so many options that it really can match any room. Be sure to check these and other high quality items at the main shop or on marketplace.

Glamour Room Details:


MuddPuddles: Royal Crib *Get it on MP*

MuddPuddles: Royal Armoire *Get it on MP*

MuddPuddles: Victorian Nightstand *Get it on MP*

[ keke ]

[ keke ] rug 43 . trellis white

[ zerkalo ]

[ zerkalo ] Britain’s Bedroom – Canopy Light

[ zerkalo ] Cozy Piece Lamp Light


+Half-Deer+ Tassel Garland – Muted Tones – Medium


{Meche} Mon Poney – Creme *OLD GACHA ITEM*


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